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Maple versus Pine KEVA Planks

Posted by KEVA Team on Apr 17, 2020 3:47:20 PM

What's the difference between maple vs. pine KEVA planks? This is one of the most common questions people have about our building blocks. 

Maple and pine KEVA planks are the same size and both provide amazing creative construction experiences but maple provides a few extra benefits. IMG_9567

Maple is a hard, dense, durable wood that resists dings, dents and rounded edges. Straight, crisp edges are necessary for the best stacking experience. Because maple keeps its edges so well, maple planks are extremely consistent and hold up even with years of heavy use. You can build with the same set of planks 20 years from now and the blocks will still build well and look beautiful.


Maple is commonly used for gym floors, bowling pins and cutting boards because of its superior durability. We use maple for the same reason. This point is similar to the last: maple planks are incredibly durable. 

Maple has very tight pores that resist fingerprints and dirt. This is partially an aesthetic benefit. Most people rarely if ever clean their planks unless they've really been soiled. The wood is bacteria resistant - actually performing better than plastic surfaces where germs thrive. But beyond the germs, maple planks absorb fewer oils from fingers, so they stay good lookin'.

Maple is very dense so the planks stack with more stability and feel weighty and balanced. This makes a bigger difference the taller you build. The density of the planks gives more downward pressure on the structure, so building with maple planks feels more stable. Crosswinds have nothing on a tower made of maple planks.

IMG_4281The wood grain of maple is particularly beautiful, so maple is commonly used in art galleries and for works of art. Maple KEVA Planks are works of art. There is something powerful about creating a work of art in your living room or in a school classroom. The pride of creating a structure that looks museum-worthy is immeasurable. With KEVA planks, that satisfaction is accessible even to young builders and people who typically don't see themselves as artists... until they've played with KEVA and re-connected with their inner artist.

Maple KEVA planks are made in the USA with the finest woodworking machinery in the world so the planks are cut with incredible precision and no sanding. We use proprietary methods to ensure the consistent, near-perfect consistency of our planks. Because maple planks are made in the USA, we can keep a tight control on quality and enjoy a close relationship with our lumber supply and woodworkers.


Maple costs more upfront than pine, but provides the best construction experience and the best long term value. Maple KEVA Planks are made with heirloom quality for heirloom memories. Your children can grow up with maple KEVA planks and pass them on to their children. 

All products in the KEVA Planks Designer Collection use maple KEVA Planks for the finest quality, beauty and function.

To Summarize:

Why Maple?

  • Best quality
  • Best durability
  • Heirloom Quality
  • Made in USA

Why Pine?

  • Best affordability
  • Build the same structures as with maple planks

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