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How to Build: KEVA Birds

Posted by KEVA Team on Mar 20, 2020 4:25:54 PM

Introducing new video tutorials for building with KEVA Planks!

In this video, Kate shows how to build 3 different KEVA birds. Build along in real time. Pause as needed to make adjustments or re-build if part of the structure falls. Our how-to videos are only a starting point; you can make your birds however you want and just use this for inspiration, or you can build along and make an exact replica.

Each of these birds were made using 25-31 maple KEVA Planks on a KEVA Mat.

More ideas for building with KEVA birds:

  • Experiment with how you position the planks for the wings and head to make birds that are resting or flying or looking in different directions
  • Make a flock of birds
  • Build a habitat for the birds
  • What kinds of other animals would be near a flock of birds?
  • What kind of species of bird does this look like to you? Can you think of ways to make a different kind of bird?
  • How would you make a larger bird?

After you've built along, tell us about it! We love to see what you've made on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and would love to cheer you on.

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